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Andrew Lewer (EU) tweeted :

My speech yesterday on letting fees, “some Jim Hacker, some King Solomon”:

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RT @CommonsCLG: Starting now: our session with @DominicRaab and @claireperrymp on #fracking. Watch live here:…

Anneliese Dodds (EU) tweeted :

Read my letter to the Operational Delivery Director of NHS England about the latest on the PET-CT scanners here:

Andrew Lewer (EU) tweeted :

RT @niamhsquared: This is brilliant from @AnnelieseDodds on why the Brexit ministers now need to stop their pseudo-Victorian posturin…

Andrew Lewer (EU) retweeted @HJ_Invest :

RT @HJ_Invest: Hunter Jones is excited to announce @ALewerMBE a Member of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee &…

RT @OxfordIMPS1: We do love to have a visitor here @OxfordIMPS1 And we're very happy to show our local MP @AnnelieseDodds what we're all a…

Anneliese Dodds (EU) tweeted :

...& of course (3) UK has exercised legal ability to reduce scope of (for example) Working Time Directive. EU working rights are a floor, not a ceiling. Leaving them, & pursuing trade deals with (eg) US would be bad for workers- not to mention 🐓s and 🥚s!

Anneliese Dodds (EU) tweeted :

And also 2. Some areas like controlling new hazards to health&safety *need* international coordination (around exposure to new chemicals etc)- and also UK health and safety system has been downgraded by current & previous govt, while EU system pressed ahead