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RT @KSAnimalRescue: 🆘Charter plane cant get in soon enough. WE NEED HELP for permission to use cargo space on departing evac planes to move animals. We dont want to take space from people only use the cargo. WE NEED TO MOVE THE ANIMALS OUT. Please call/tag your reps. We need help on the ground ASAP

@KorstenKristjan tänan laigi eest, oletan te ei tea, mida laigite

@KorstenKristjan pakun olete probleemi tajumiseks liiga noor /saate palka väljaspool avalikku sektorit.

ahto lobjakas (estonia) retweeted @kemc :

RT @kemc: RT @kemc: June 3, 1989, the troops started clearing Tiananmen Square. QUITE an anniversary for a US senator to drop this.…

ahto lobjakas (estonia) tweeted :

this will be the real "line of evil,-" to quote a ⁦recent⁩ malapropism. or more like the wake of Kabul. "[Tugendhat] adds that many families are struggling to get out of the country. "A day, maybe two days longer, would help just a few more.""…

ahto lobjakas (estonia) tweeted :

kui Eesti oma afgaane evakueerida ei suuda on tegemist kas saamatuse ja/või tahte puudumisega. (võib ka nii analyysida: vajaliku tahtmise olemasolul on kõik võimalik, v a siis, kui tahtjad on saamatud) kell tiksub, ukrainlased said.

RT @DmytroKuleba: Today, a Ukrainian military plane took 83 more people out of Kabul. 31 Ukrainians + foreigners: journalists of @RFERL, @WSJ, @USATODAY, human rights activists, Afghan women & kids. They’re safe in Kyiv. We don’t abandon our people and help others. Working on further evacuations.

ahto lobjakas (estonia) tweeted :

clouds over the source

RT @FHeisbourg: Some 375 Afghan nationals evacuated to France last night. Bringing them by a convoy of minibusses to the airport under armed protection appears to have been a harrowing process: 3 hours to drive 7 kilometres