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Kaur Maran (estonia) tweeted :

Võrratu intekas.…

Kaur Maran (estonia) retweeted @LDrogen :

RT @LDrogen: Talking with family in Russia, they have no clue what’s going on, total media blackout, no idea what’s about to happen to the economy, banks, zero details about the war, all they get is government propaganda It’s scary in the worst Orwellian way

Kaur Maran (estonia) replied to @apmassaro3 :

@apmassaro3 To further the analogy, Germany's the sort of neighbour who'll close their eyes to ever worse drunken domestic abuse next door because the head of the family there is head of the appartment association and might cause a fuss at the next meeting or rise utilities.

RT @apmassaro3: RT @apmassaro3: The USA has given Ukraine about two superyachts worth of military equipment

Kaur Maran (estonia) tweeted :

käes on räige puidu tarnekriis, kyttepuude hind ähvardab inimesi talvel kylma jätta jne. samal ajal eesti puitkytuse eksport kasvab plahvatuslikult.…

Kaur Maran (estonia) replied to @ianbremmer :

@ianbremmer Unfortunatly Solzhenitsyn's later stances were very much aligned with today's Russian ideology.

Kaur Maran (estonia) tweeted :

what da hell, Italy?

RT @apmassaro3: RT @apmassaro3: How is Deutsche Bank so consistently in the wrong?…