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RT @dog_feelings: gooooob morning. i promise i won’t tell anyone. if you go back to sleep

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RT @Breaking911: WE WILL NEVER FORGET đŸ‡ș🇾

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RT @Econ_Marshall: Note that not only are Uber and Lyft claiming driver identities aren't subject to FOIA b/c they're a valuable trade secr

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@roger_kumm @KristianJaani @martinsmutov Politsei ei suuda korda tabada ja selleks piiratakse ettevÔtlusvabadust?

Ain Tohvri (estonia) tweeted :

A country that sold guns to Saudi Arabia by accident, suddenly appears as credible party to identify who shot the rockets targeting Saudi oil by analysing rocket debris. Sounds legit?

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RT @MattBruenig: This is an illustration of the poverty gap. First graph is poverty gap based on market income. You eliminate poverty by fi

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RT @MattBruenig: Finally have some free time to work on the new poverty data. This uses SPM income concepts and poverty concepts. Disposabl

@CHSievers @Stadt_FFM In Frankfurt Kaiserstraße! Grausig! In Berlin haben wir auch gesehen đŸ˜±

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RT @NaturelsLit: Ever Seen A Full Rainbow?

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See pole isegi Orwell. Niimoodi rÀÀgib toores vÔim, kel puuduvad igasugused paljukiidetud vÀÀrtused. #liitlased