All deleted tweets from politicians

Democratic Unionist Party MP for East Antrim | Larne Office: 028 2826 7722 | Carrick Office: 028 9336 4615.

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RT @louise_ken: RT @louise_ken: Early start at the @Mayor_MEA Charity breakfast. Some hard hitting questions from @eastantrimmp

Sammy Wilson MP (dup) tweeted :

I remained concerned that the 5p cut to fuel duty is not being passed on to motorists. Prices are forecourts in East Antrim continue to vary by as much as 20p. The Government should introduce a FuelWatch scheme and take action against garage owners who are exploiting motorists.

RT @LeaveMnsLeave: Hoot for Brexit! Thanks to @eastantrimmp Sammy Wilson MP for joining us at the @LeaveMnsLeave protest today! #LetsGoWTO

RT @LeaveMnsLeave: .@eastantrimmp: "The Irish government and the EU Commission sat down and contrived the biggest con trick they could think of: a border in Ireland. They have created a problem that does not exist. So they haven't just kissed the Blarney Stone, they've made love to it."

RT @LeaveMnsLeave: "The PM may be prepared to be humiliated by arrogant EU officials...but does she not realise that every time she comes back her with her tail between her legs, she humiliates the British people?!" - @eastantrimmp

RT @LeaveMnsLeave: TONIGHT: The livestream for tonight's Save Brexit rally will be available on our Twitter feed from 18:45. @Jacob_Rees_Mogg, @Nigel_Farage Tim Martin, @eastantrimmp, @KateHoeyMP, and Graham Stringer will all be speaking

RT @LeaveMnsLeave: The DUP will not accept any deal which separates Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom, says @NigelDoddsDUP

RT @LeaveMnsLeave: With the PM proposing the worst deal in history, we are holding a major rally on Dec 14th in London with @Jacob_Rees_Mogg, @KateHoeyMP, @eastantrimmp, @Nigel_Farage & more. Get tickets here πŸ‘‰…

RT @LeaveMnsLeave: .@eastantrimmp: Does the PM realise that by signing this legally binding document, she is handing the EU a cudgel which they will use to mug us a second time?

RT @SebastianEPayne: 🚨 Downing Street says the UK will not ask for a Brexit extension nor accept one if the EU offers due to certainty: "We will not extend the Brexit transition period and even if Brussels asked we will say no "It’s better to be clear now and remove the uncertainty for businesses"