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Knowing now, as we do, that Dundonald IS in the regulations they need to move quickly. If it wasnt proposed by @RobinSwann but proposed during the meeting, it must be in the minutes.We need clarity asap because it contrasts with all the official messaging since last weeks meeting

RT @WestminsterDUP: RT @WestminsterDUP: @GRobinsonDUP (2/2)...there is not a disproportionate impact on those in fuel poverty #NIAC #NIElectricitySector

RT @WestminsterDUP: RT @WestminsterDUP: @GRobinsonDUP Any representation to Dept of Economy to make sure that if larger energy users come out of market..(1/2)

RT @WestminsterDUP: RT @WestminsterDUP: @GRobinsonDUP suggests every time move for application for new method of energy creation counter balanced with energy o…

RT @WestminsterDUP: RT @WestminsterDUP: Greg Clark tells @GRobinsonDUP that he'd be delighted to meet with him to discuss a "City Deal" for Belfast

RT @WestminsterDUP: RT @WestminsterDUP: V popular #NIQ by @GRobinsonDUP. Or, the new PM has just walked into the chamber.

RT @WestminsterDUP: RT @WestminsterDUP: @GRobinsonDUP says 33% higher costs for business users as EU average, asks if any impact to domestic users #NIAC #NIEle…

RT @WestminsterDUP: RT @WestminsterDUP: @GRobinsonDUP Domestic energy users facing higher premium in Northern Ireland in @CommonsNIAC

RT @WestminsterDUP: RT @WestminsterDUP: @GRobinsonDUP urges the @NIOPressOffice to bring measure of balance to deal with #LegacyIssues in Northern Ireland

RT @WestminsterDUP: RT @WestminsterDUP: @GRobinsonDUP every wind turbine gets opposition, gas gets opposition, North-South interconnector gets opposition = thr…