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Gavin Robinson (dup) retweeted @OrnaYoung :

RT @OrnaYoung: RT @OrnaYoung: There has been a huge misstep in public health messaging: how has Alphabeat’s “Fascination” not been repurposed to “Vaccinat…

RT @PatriciaWeller2: The “Moira” planters have done themselves proud!! It looks amazing. @Translink_NI @NI_LGA #ulsterinbloom @SorchaEastwood @J_Donaldson_MP

RT @careforni: Important for a publication like the Guardian to get the facts right about the 100,000 and the ASA decision to uphold the claim. Fair play to them for at least fixing their mistake online- I hope we see a correction and an apology in due course. @guardian…

Gavin Robinson (dup) retweeted @GWShorter :

RT @GWShorter: RT @GWShorter: @GRobinsonDUP thank you for voting against ESA cuts, so many MPs didn't vote to protect and support those with disabilities …

Sammy Wilson MP (dup) tweeted :

Congratulations to our new @Economy_NI Minister @gordonlyons1. He is a diligent MLA and will make a first class Minister. There is lot to do as we emerge from the pandemic and I know he will hit the ground running.

Sammy Wilson MP (dup) tweeted :

.@BorisJohnston’s statement of intent re freedom day will be a relief to thousands of businesses & families. Dr Doom, Robin Swann must give our people the same reassurance that their freedoms & liberties will be restored. We must learn to live with Covid, not medical diktats.

Gavin Robinson (dup) retweeted @uuponline :

RT @uuponline: 💛Good News 💛 UUP Health Minister Robin Swann MLA has brought his Organ Donation Bill through the first stage in the NI Assembly. A significant step forward to life saving change. #UlsterUnionist #UnionOfPeople

RT @JenR_Gil: RT @JenR_Gil: @J_Donaldson_MP can you please retweet? 5 churches in Moira coming together for outreach this weekend. Thanks!…

RT @CStalfordMLA: @BBCJayneMcC Jayne I must take issue with the idea that SF is pulling one way and the DUP is pulling another. What is actually happening is that the entire Executive bar one party are pulling one way. Please don't characterise what's happening as DUP vs SF because it's not.

RT @CStalfordMLA: If you get the chance could you please make a small donation here. A little girl in Cameron's class has lost her mummy and her dad had already passed away. She has 2 other siblings. All under the age of 10 and orphaned. Thank you for any help you can give.…