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Phumzile Van Damme (DA) tweeted :

The silence from South Africa's ruling party has been the most chilling for me.

RT @eNCAWeather: Today is the hottest day of the #heatwave in Cape Town. Slight cooling along west coast on Fri as fog bank reaches Cape Town in the afternoon #eNCA

RT @eNCAWeather: The #Heatwave is at its peak in western #SouthAfrica today and persists on Friday. Here are some #heatsafety tips for you.

RT @ladyb33zar: @zilevandamme Support local community small business. Also provide every bit of support and protection to all in the service industry, medical, hospitality, business and domestic. As long as you can.

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) tweeted :

Oh, and this. Of course. What a friendship.…

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) tweeted :

#Eswatini is in crisis and the co-regent, the Queen Mother is off to Dubai and Spain for a “private visit.” All the king’s wives went to see her off at the airport as she jetted off in a private jet. Crass doesn’t even begin to describe these people. But wait, akabaleki? 🤔

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) tweeted :

I cannot even begin to pain Connie Ferguson is going through - losing her soul mate. May God be with her and her family at this time & make the road to healing a little softer. Rest in peace, Shona.

RT @antonres: @zilevandamme The tender process itself is not the issue I feel. There are more than enough checks and balances in place and many deserving entrepreneurs rely on tenders for their survival & growth. It requires corrupt cadres to inflate or circumvent process and that is where the issue lies.

@thabo_Veee @NFTeeer @khethola @MzwaneleManyi I started the conversation. And I’ll defend anyone who has the courage to speak out against societal norms and is shamed.

RT @MsGugstar: Yesterday was such an emotionally draining day, humanitarian work truly is no child's play. We went to visit and donate to some of the people that were shot by armed forces in the recent June protests. A thread.