All deleted tweets from politicians

MP. Shadow Minister of Communications & Digital Technologies. VVEngage Fellow. Feminist. Liberal. Audiophile. Virago. Activist. Innovator. Cinephile.

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Phumzile Van Damme (DA) tweeted :

NEVER EVER apologize for who you are. Watching that show was agonizing for me. I was so enraged, no hurt, that people would seek to make you feel bad for your personality. You bring light, magic and kindness to every room you walk into. Shine bring always. Love you for you.

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) retweeted @sans4 :

RT @sans4: RT @sans4: @zilevandamme @SollyMsimanga Go Solly. You are an inspiration to the people of Tshwane! I wish I could bottle your passion. Grea…

RT @Danzie_Bwoi: Good people, In light of the #gigabavideo saga, I would urge you to purchase @EmmaSadleir's book, titled DON'T FILM YOURSELF HAVING SEX. This book is essential for all social media users. Especially those with a naughty side - who has a penchant for oversharing. Thank me later!

RT @Kitimmys_Khay: So I saw this video somewhere online, This is the best thing I have seen today. #lockdownextension #NCDCFailedKano 21k USD

@MayorFrey Fired? For murder? Are you jas?

RT @MathandaNcube: Day 2 of darkness in the building. The small businesses around the block have been closed for two days. They will never recover from this mess.

RT @Asiwaju_Designs: RT @Asiwaju_Designs: It will cost you nothing to like and retweet my hustle. Thanks ❤️

RT @OptimisticNK: #Churches are opening on level 3 of #lockdown. Are churches ready to manage incidents of #corvid19 in the same manner as they are ready to receive tithes and other offerings? God has given humans a free will to separate good from bad. Are we not making a mockery of that freedom?

RT @JasonHalfon: RT @JasonHalfon: @UCT_news - only a few more days to go cast your vote for the amazing #DASO10 Team. #OneUCTForAll #NoStudentLeftBehind

RT @JasonHalfon: RT @JasonHalfon: It’s the Ward 54 by-election today - get out and vote. @zilevandamme welcome to your first election in this ward. https://…