All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of Parliament for Colchester and @DWP Minister. Sadly I cannot respond to all tweets but please email

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RT @FlickD: RT @FlickD: Packed Chamber for last PMQs for David Cameron. Exciting that we will be having a fantastic woman leading us from this afternoo…

RT @visitparliament: #OTD the Representation of the People Act 1832 was given Royal Assent. This reform act created 67 new constituencies and abolished rotten boroughs. It also enfranchised all householders who paid an annual rent of £10 or more.

RT @visitparliament: Take a quick look around the Houses of Parliament #London in this video preview. Or maybe come and visit?

RT @visitparliament: A tube strike is planned for Monday 9 January and Westminster Station is likely to be closed. Updates from @TFL…

RT @visitparliament: It's a beautiful, sunny morning in Westminster. Come and listen to the debates in the public galleries from 2.30.

RT @visitparliament: Find out more about #BigBen and the Elizabeth Tower in this book featuring over 130 images and illustrations.

RT @visitparliament: Congratulations to Her Majesty The Queen who acceded to the throne #OTD in 1952. The first UK monarch to reach a #SapphireJubilee.

RT @visitparliament: Come and discover the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Tours running Monday to Saturday this week.

RT @visitparliament: History, politics, art, architecture - all in this two minute taster tour inside the Houses of Parliament #London. .