All deleted tweets from politicians

East Surrey MP & PPC for Kensington. @LibDems Shadow @beisgovuk spokesperson. Husband. Dad of two. Arsenal fan. Enjoy most sports.

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RT @AnnabelMullin: ‘find myself, unwilling to support leader who is stranger to honesty or principle & who surfs foolish populist wave for sake of ambition alone, leading governing party whose centre gravity has shifted decisively away from broadly centrist political force’…

RT @Jeremy_Hunt: This is a good point. I wish we had interrogated the learnings from Asian countries’ response to SARS more deeply in retrospect. Undoubtedly there will be many lessons to learn

Sam Gyimah (Conservative) tweeted :

As parliament goes virtual & NHS opens itself up to tech innovation, is it possible that we are at an inflection point in public sector adoption of technology, or will we go back to the old normal post C-19?

RT @henrymance: It's quite funny that MPs deliberately chose a speaker who would be less reformist than John Bercow, but have now ended up approving some of the most procedural significant changes to the Commons in centuries

Sam Gyimah (Conservative) tweeted :

Surely, keyworkers should include broadband support services. Internet access is an essential utility. Is that the case.

RT @NadineDorries: Sobering @itvnews Italy has stopped intubating patients over 60. All ICU patients on ventilators are below 60 and not one has been weaned back off to breathe independently We must follow the advice on social distancing if we are to crack this #coronavirus

Sam Gyimah (Conservative) tweeted :

Emergency budget needed soon as the fate of so many businesses is now in the hands of the government and the banks.

RT @richardplackett: @Wayne_Dixon I think Labour simply doesn't get how geographically mobile the companies and wealthy individuals they want to tax are. You would have thought they would have learnt something from Hollande's experiences in France. Progressive tax policies and spending plans need to be sensible!

RT @sarahditum: Just four days till the general election, which means just four days to convince me to turn out for Labour by calling me a murderer/telling me Jews don't matter/pretending they're a remain party. Keep it coming, lads, maybe the next tweet or op-ed will do it!

RT @RoryGeo: Excited to be undertaking work to address welfare and resilience of prison officers/staff, vital in the pursuit of #socialjustice.…