All deleted tweets from politicians

Socially liberal MP for #Lichfield. Believes in a global Britain. Loves hill walking, red wine, cosy restaurants & pubs, and The Archers

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. It is also worth adding that European death rates quoted earlier this and quoted by the Government, did NOT mostly include deaths in all settings as did #UK data - only hospital deaths and not care home deaths.

RT @chrismc86592028: RT @chrismc86592028: @Mike_Fabricant β€œ The Rabbit comes out of the Hole, sees a fox... then what...”

This demonstrates how little we still know of #Covid. Treatments are improving rapidly, but we know that fragments of Covid RNA (not capable of causing or transmitting disease) can produce a false positive from a swab 0.08% of the time. (FPR=False Positive Rate)

RT @ThomasCooPe: RT @ThomasCooPe: @Mike_Fabricant Lichfield! Plenty of history & culture. Good links to all cities & Scots can fly so they still feel in ano…

RT @andy4wm: RT @andy4wm: Concluding #CitizenshipWeek at Joseph Chamberlain College today.

Andrew Marr, the lefty sporty guy, Laura Kuensberg who seems somewhat underpaid in comparison.

@bat211 @LichfieldCath Don’t say that! The idiots may take you up on that!

RT @BradenJonny: @JamesEFoster @jeremycorbyn @BernieSanders Actually socialism has been getting consistently less and less popular over the past 100 years....but I wouldnt expect a socialist to know anything about history

Why does the presenter on #politics midlands not allow anyone to answer the questions and interrupt? Like John Humphreys but without the smarts.