All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @DanielJHannan: RT @DanielJHannan: The Withdrawal Agreement, as the EU interprets it, places a boot upon our windpipe. Are MPs seriously going to vote to l…

RT @KateElysiaNWO: It was great to see @Hollyarcher_cse at the @holly_project in Telford today. What a fantastic service they have there. You should be very proud Holly. Keep up the good work that’s so desperately needed there. #KateElysia #NoWayOut #Hollyarcher #hollyproject #telford #cse

RT @barnardos: The pandemic has exposed children to an unprecedented level of trauma, loss and adversity. Children need significant emotional support as they go #backtoschool, including a readjustment period where teachers can prioritise staff and pupil wellbeing.

RT @LucidWhim: RT @LucidWhim: Tweeting this because my young daughter is fighting breast cancer. If it gets 1 retweet it might save a life.…

RT @IanParker24: It's disgraceful that the #Cenotaph is having to be covered up like this all because of some stupid, violent thugs who are a small minority. These brave men and women have given so much for our liberty and freedom they should all ways be honoured not covered up. #LestWeForget

RT @Lee_Vidor: @lucyallan @NewTownsAPPG @TelfordWrekin I'm being told residents are still waiting for the letting agents to work out who's responsible to sort out. Thanks @BVT_Lawley for getting some sand bags out!

RT @AmandeepBhogal: In GE2015, I ran into Labour leader Ed Miliband on the train to London. 1st thing he asked me - "Are you going to get the "Sikh vote" out for us?" This Thursday send Labour a clear message - Identity Politics Is Rotten. Brown, Black or White - Labour Do Not Own Your Vote.

RT @AmandeepBhogal: As an immigrant who is a proud Conservative and super proud of 🇬🇧 sadly I often get called an "uncle Tom" - "Traitor" by Leftists Yet again another identity politics Leftist telling me I can't be an individual & make my own political choices. Let. People. Be.