All deleted tweets from politicians

Kit Malthouse MP #StayAlertSaveLives


Member of Parliament for lovely NW Hants. Government Minister for Crime & Policing. Please contact via website or email

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RT @kitmalthouse: I’m sorry but if in one breath you call for a full lockdown.. ...the next you abstain on any further restrictions... whip your front bench in one direction... ...but let your party vote the opposite... You aren’t clever, you’re confused or playing games.

RT @kitmalthouse: As @TheRock once said: “Be the type of person that when your feet touch the floor in the morning, the devil says ‘Oh crap … they’re up!’” Meeting enthusiastic members of the 20,000 new cops with @ChiefGlosPolice @Glos_Police @Glos_OPCC

Congratulations William MacLeod OBE An Andover local hero during covid and a constant friend to those who served. Bravo Billy! @viacharity @Walk4PTSDuk

Congratulations William McCleod OBE. An Andover local hero during covid and a constant support to so many who served. Bravo Billy! @viacharity @Walk4PTSDuk

Love may we’ll be a battlefield but, happily, Richmond Park is not.

RT @tommy_toolman: RT @tommy_toolman: @kitmalthouse @mattwridley @BBCNews And Kit - the FTSE 100 had its best week for 4 months!

RT @JackBMontgomery: "Steep increase" in hiring + salary growth at 10-month high as supply of foreign labour falls. Brussels paper reports as bad news. #OwnGoal

RT @ThamesVP: *UPDATE* We have launched a murder investigation following the deaths of three people in Reading yesterday after an incident in Forbury Gardens. A 25-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder. More details:…

RT @grant829: Very pleased indeed to welcome government minister and MP for North West Hants @kitmalthouse to @8Almalaw on a sunny afternoon in #Andover Thank you