All deleted tweets from politicians

Father of six & Member of Parliament for Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Enquiries here will not be responded to. Contact me at

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RT @EdwardLeighMP: Great afternoon tea at the home of @karlmccartney and Cllr. Cordelia McCartney in Linwood this afternoon.…

Met with Andrew Cawkwell at Neville Barnes Ltd., Upton near Gainsborough, today looking at some modern technology! Good response on the doorstep today canvassing in response to a good local candidate, Jessie Milne, on local issues. #LocalElections2019 #torycanvass

RT @MarcJonesLincs: All set to get into my box for the night. Being out for one night is nothing like being homeless. However, walking down…

Precedents exist to safeguard our parliamentary democracy. They should not be discarded lightly, nor in the hear of the moment for political reasons.

@SkyNews - I was knighted in the Birthday Honour's list in 2013!

RT @ConservGains: Our excellent local Member of Parliament, Sir @EdwardLeighMP, was on @looknorthBBC's late news last night, explaining why…

A number of people seem to misunderstand how an appointment to the Privy Council occurs. On @BBCRadio4's @BBCWorldatOne earlier today I was quite clear that tomorrow's vote and my appointment are totally unrelated.

Today I told Policing Minister @NickHurdUK that Lincolnshire is one of the lowest-funded police forces per head in the country. He needs to deliver a fair funding formula soon so that police numbers and services are cut further. #lincolnshire #lincspolice

Amber is also wrong procedurally. Under the Act, Brexit can now only be stopped by primary legislation. Is she suggesting that if the PM lost the deal she would go back on her pledge? How is that helpful?