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Bracknell MP. Former Justice Minister. #FinalSay #InformedConsent Constituents please email:

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Conservative MPs who have recently joined the backbenches need to recognise the experience of those of us across all Parties who have actually been fighting against hard Brexit fantasists for many months. It’s not been an easy battle, made harder by a lack of Tory support to date

If new Tory backbenchers want to stop No Deal then follow those of us who know how to win this battle. Flogging the Parliamentary dead horse of a ‘new’ Brexit deal plays into our opponents’ hands. It is a weak strategy. Time to toughen up and back a plan that will work #FinalSay

Many MPs have long realised that we would end up confronting No Deal. Now we need to unite behind an alternative. There’s no agreement in Parliament or country about what that should be. So people deserve a #FinalSay so we‘ve got their #InformedConsent…

For over 12 months now, many MPs have been painstakingly confronting the hard Brexiteers’ drive towards No Deal. We assessed that any Brexit Deal offered by the EU would have no chance of passing Parliament. The-then Government were not so shrewd

Stopping No Deal now requires a plan that puts Brexit to bed for a generation. It requires cross-Party work. Strong, trusted relationships have been built over many months of Parliamentary toil. The best relationships exist within the #PeoplesVote group of MPs

Glad @PhilipHammondUK & co are finally getting stuck in. A positive sign that they will now join the focused, cross-party effort that’s needed to kill off this dangerous No Deal Brexit fantasy

Ann Widdecombe - often offensive and invariably wrong. And now an embarrassment to Britain. No grasp of history or the value of diplomacy. Apparently some in @conservatives want to embrace this crap. If our Party wants a future it should not via @YouTube

RT @DrPhillipLeeMP: A pleasure to welcome everyone to Parliament for the Sport and Recreation Alliance Summer Reception (@sportrectweets).…

A class act nails Brexit reality. The reason I’m in politics is to find positive solutions to our real challenges, not create more of them. The responsible way to sort this out now is to give people a #FinalSay. We all need to find #SomethingInsideSoStrong

RT @BritainOpen: campaigns to get new members into the Conservative party to change the party and secure a hard Bre…