All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie-Mackenzie

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RT @shandro: I suppose it’s easier for @kenthehr to spread witless, shameless lies than it is defend Justin Trudeau in Calgary-Centre. Good luck, Kent.

RT @jonkay: RT @jonkay: canada: genocide ISIS: such a hard call…

A @CPCHQ government led by @AndrewScheer will repeal C-71 once and for all. We'll target dangerous criminals and gangs - not law-abiding firearms owners.

RT @bruce_stanton: RT @bruce_stanton: Thinking of my friend, the MP for Prince Albert (SK) @MPRandyHoback, today, for a successful surgery and speedy recovery…

RT @InklessPW: RT @InklessPW: OK then, how many times has the middle class met with the ethics commissioner?…

RT @InklessPW: This is quite a lede, from the Times of India: "Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s visit was a disaster that has little parallel in India’s recent diplomatic history."

RT @InklessPW: RT @InklessPW: Give whoever's writing CPC questions a raise.