All deleted tweets from politicians

Minister for the Pacific, int’l env, climate & forests ... & UK animal welfare, @DefraGovUk and @FCDOGovUK - in the Lords

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RT @VictoriaPeckham: BODIES WITH VAGINAS. Does anyone not get it yet? Erasing the word “woman” turns us into things with holes. Yeah, tell me about that inclusivity & progress.

RT @VictoriaPeckham: Here is my Saturday essay in @thetimes on the unregulated medical experiment on children which is puberty blockers. Quite rightly, a judicial review & government inquiry are about to scrutinise this.…

RT @VictoriaPeckham: .@OwenJones84 I just read yr epic thread which you've banned everyone from replying to even those, like me, who you've defamed. So *wearily* almost everyone you caricature as an "anti-trans activist" is, from JK Rowling to Ruth Serwotka or Julie Bindel, on the Left &/or lesbian.

RT @VictoriaPeckham: RT @VictoriaPeckham: Angry men: trying to stop women having freedom of speech since the Scold’s Bridle.

RT @MrTCHarris: Why has it been left to the Speaker to defend @RosieDuffield1 from her party comrades’ appalling misogyny? Where is @Keir_Starmer? Where are other Labour MPs? If they won’t stand up for a colleague, how can we trust them to stand up for ordinary citizens?

RT @davidshor: The puzzle of “Why doesn’t Spain have a major far right party despite a lagging economy and high levels of immigration” has been resolved in that now Spain has a major far right party…

He’s not paid anything. And he’s not there to scrutinise me. He’s paid to advise Defra on nature recovery and has been - as I think any conservation NGO that’s worked with him would testify - a major force for good/ambition.

RT @nigelfletcher: RT @nigelfletcher: Lovely weather to be out with @Spencer_Drury in Eltham, campaigning for @ZacGoldsmith.

RT @nigelfletcher: RT @nigelfletcher: Good turnout for @ZacGoldsmith Q&A session for Eltham residents. Many questions on housing, localism, air quality. htt…

RT @gunsnrosesgirl3: Ground squirrels chew up discarded snake skins, applying the scent on themselves and their offspring. They also also bathe in soil snakes have rested in.. All to mask their own scent avoiding predation from rattlesnakes, who have poor eye sight and rely on their sense of smell