All deleted tweets from politicians

Father, Army veteran, optimist, MP. Campaigner for Kent, for Tonbridge, Edenbridge and Malling. @Conservatives أبو آدم

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@khalafroula Good luck إن شاء الله!

RT @ipa_87: I joined the Conservatives today because of MPs like @MattHancock, who has a clear passion for the NHS. And because of groups…

The Iranian government should never have arrested the British Ambassador. The detention of diplomats is a violation of the agreements between nations. @HMATehran must be released immediately and not become another Iranian hostage.

RT @OzKaterji: It’s only baffling if you aren’t a regime mouthpiece that doesn’t realise Soleimani had been working with the Taliban for at…

@PatPorter76 Nice attack of a strawman.

@briegp Read my article please.

@PatPorter76 You have spun up a straw man and are attacking it. Well done. Now, how does this fit with the US/Iraq SOFA?

@PatPorter76 Where? I’ve not said that.