All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @stevoiraq: Priest in newly liberated town of Bartala kissing the head of an Iraqi soldier as a gesture of thanks ,inside the liberated church #MosulOps

RT @thestevennabil: 🛑Warning graphic content: protesters in Nasriyah were short by guards of one of the local officials according to local activists , the global community has ignored what is happening in Iraq , why?

Read this: ⁦@nusghani⁩ is right - We must not stay silent on China's ethnic cleansing of Uighur Muslims…

Great to hear Magnitsky sanctions being spoken about on @timesradio. Fighting corruption is a national security problem. That’s why @CommonsForeign published…

RT @GalacCuriosity: RT @GalacCuriosity: Simulation of two planets colliding

RT @BaronBStard: Johnny Mercer is very impressive when you listen to him speak. Worth hearing him on Chopper’s Podcast. After May goes, the next leader needs to come from his generation of MPs.

RT @BaronBStard: RT @BaronBStard: @thegardensgnome @TomTugendhat Been excellent for the area in his 2 years so far.

RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: 2 hours to go to register to vote. Make sure your voice is heard… #ITVEUref

RT @postmodern_fam: RT @postmodern_fam: What an absolute top lad. Honour him!