All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for 27 years and UK Foreign Minister 2016-19.

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RT @bbclaurak: Beltway news that matters in Whitehall - Deputy Cabinet Secretary, one of most senior civil servants, Helen MacNamara, is leaving govt to work for Premier League - another senior official walks, but it sounds like a big, new job for a well respected official, not a bust up

RT @TomMcTague: In 2015, eurosceptics were a minority in parliament, Brexiteers an even smaller rump. In 5yrs they won a referendum, blocked soft Brexit, toppled a government, took over the Tory party, won a majority and negotiated a very hard Brexit (after paying an Ulster price). They won.

RT @ChiefMI6: Welcome aboard, Alex! Excellent valedictory interview - much serious wisdom dispensed but done with your usual lightness of touch. #BigShoes2Fill

RT @USAmbUK: The historic deal between the U.S., Israel and the UAE proves peace is possible in the region.…

RT @USAmbUK: The historic deal between the U.S., Israel and the UAE proves peace is possible in the region.…

RT @jeremymarchant: @NSoames @BorisJohnson Johnson would have perhaps received less criticism had he not appeared to treat his entire tenure as prime minister as one long holiday (to say nothing of the actual time off he's had in the past year).

RT @DouglasKMurray: Cambridge University’s resident race-baiter is back! This time to tell us that all right-wingers ‘are fascists’. Another golden insight. As I say in this morning’s Telegraph, why should anyone get into debt to attend a university that hosts such an obscure, malevolent clown?

RT @breeallegretti: Bercow turns on the Tory whips, accusing them of "throwing their toys out of the pram" and "juvenile bed-wetting". "For the avoidance of doubt, Julian Lewis is an extremely good man."

RT @RobDelyn: Today is my daughter Emily’s 16th birthday. Unlike many teenagers, she is an absolute superstar and is quite simply the light of my life. 💙 Attached favourite pic of all time. I would love it if anyone seeing this message could send her a birthday greeting by reply.

RT @NSoames: I am very worried indeed to hear that our Prime Minister has been laid low by this wicked virus. The whole Country will wish him a full recovery #KBO