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Candidate for Mayor of London. Independent. #RoryWalks. Author of Occupational Hazards

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RT @Matthew51967749: @RoryStewartUK I think the phrase all of parliament should be using is "servant leadership". Somehow this country's leaders (past and present) appear to have lost sight that they serve this country, it doesn't serve them. You first have to change the mindset, then the behaviours follow!

RT @Qi_Impuls: @RoryStewartUK @RichardHRBenyon Yes, trees grow at different rates for a multitude of reasons. And in a mix forest, the results would be all over the scale. The huge conifer could be starving neighboring deciduous trees of sunlight and water, and acidifying the soul soil. Or not. We really don't know.

RT @HarrisonBerg2: @RoryStewartUK Oh. I took it a bit more Zen than that from the tweet. When you feel the loss of something, and you go to look for it, most usually it is exactly where you thought it would be. Harmony is the Natural Order I thought you were saying. I misoverestimated you.


RT @EquineVisage: RT @EquineVisage: @RoryStewartUK Cleanliness is a more powerful platform than trees. Rubbish in the streets is the worst part of living in…

RT @ssavitsky: RT @ssavitsky: Come on, people. We're past the time to shut down DC.

RT @campbellclaret: I knew her a lot better than you Ollie boy. She would be utterly horrified at what your Party has become. The lack of intellectual firepower. The nodding dogs in the Cabinet. The lies, the undermining of rule of law. Neither you nor any of the others would have got a job with her

RT @PoliticoRyan: RT @PoliticoRyan: Of the British Conservative MPs not on Boris Johnson's government payroll, the vote was: For Boris: 41 Against Boris: 148…

RT @mercycorps_uk: Join the Journey and #MoveForMercyCorps! Move 154km - the distance between Damascus, Syria and Za'atari Refugee Camp - to raise Β£154 by: πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Walking πŸ‘Ÿ Running 🚴 Cycling 🏊🏽 Swimming Your participation will help support refugees across the world. πŸ”—

RT @b_judah: When the world was young. President Vladimir Putin after meeting the CDU leader Angela Merkel in February 2002: β€œThe Kremlin appreciates the good German-Russian relationship and does not even rule out Russia's entry into NATO.” (via @KapitanKenguru.)