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Candidate for Mayor of London. Independent. #RoryWalks. Author of Occupational Hazards

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Something like? Speaking tonight at a packed-out @StJPiccadilly for a @christian_aid event. Looking forward (!?) to being grilled by veteran journalist Edward Stourton about Britain’s role in a post-Brexit world. Tune into live stream from 7pm #RoryStewartCA

RT @b_judah: RT @b_judah: Least we forget what can happen to British political parties:…

RT @TVenour: RT @TVenour: @RoryStewartUK Both are ugly. Why do you feel the need to choose at all.

RT @reilly6363: RT @reilly6363: @RoryStewartUK A municipal building in Austria, the work of Hundertwasser.

RT @GingrichIdeas: RT @GingrichIdeas: Figure out if lightsabers are a thing that can actually happen.

RT @EddyCanforDumas: With Brexit now our new reality, how can the divisions of the past four years be overcome? We talk to Kim Leadbeater, sister of murdered MP Jo Cox and Ambassador for the ⁦@JoCoxFoundation⁩, and ⁦@DailyMirror⁩ journalist ⁦@roswynnejones⁩.…

RT @LSE_London: Apologies to those waiting for the YouTube link to work. We are having issues with it. #MoL2020 Mayoral Hustings You can find alternative live streams below: ➡️ ➡️ Please share!

RT @roryforlondon: RT @roryforlondon: ◽ Watch the hustings LIVE tonight at 7 ↓…


RT @Nicholas_H_Wood: @RoryStewartUK The deep reason is the equivalence principle - gravity accelerates mass in exactly the same way as accelerating reference frames. This is the link to the geometrical space-time interpretation, in which the role of mass is to curve, rather than to just scale accelerations as F=ma.