All deleted tweets from politicians

Conservative MP for Wealden. BEIS Select Committee Member. UK representative to NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Former Transport Minister and Lord Commissioner.

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RT @Nus_Ghani: The UK must, along with our allies in the UN, urgently determine the circumstances surrounding the serious violations of human rights in Xinjiang, and our new sanctions regime should be employed to hold to account any and all Chinese officials responsible for such horrors.

RT @Nus_Ghani: China has committed unspeakable human rights abuses. Demographic genocide, mass internment in concentration camps, family separations, forced labour, and forced renunciations of faith – if we don't take a stand against this, what would we take a stand against?

RT @Nus_Ghani: Our new sanctions regime is welcome. And I was pleased to hear @DominicRaab mention Rohingya during the Magnitsky statement – but why the silence over the severe human rights violations of the Uighur people in China?

RT @njd13_: RT @njd13_: Today I'll be voting for @Nus_Ghani for two reasons. 1. To deliver Brexit 2. So she can continue her great work in Wealden

RT @Nus_Ghani: I agree with @trussliz. Global Britain can now use its position to deliver a knockout blow to the forces of protectionism and usher in a new golden era of free trade – the engine of global growth and prosperity.

RT @Nus_Ghani: “Slavery was not genocide, otherwise there wouldn't be so many damn Blacks in Africa or in Britain would there?" Britain has made a great deal of progress on race, but David Starkey’s blatant racism shows how much more there is to do.

Education defines the future of our society. We cannot have a lost generation left behind simply because Labour and their trade union paymasters want to play politics and damage the government. All children who can be in school, must be in school. There is no time to lose.

Education defines the future of our society and helps us progress from generation to generation. That's why all children who can be in school in September must be at school. We cannot have a lost generation left behind.

RT @Nus_Ghani: Britain's leadership will allow Hong Kongers to decide whether to be part of China's authoritarian system or the UK's democracy. I'll bet that Margaret Thatcher is proved right: when people are free to choose, they choose freedom. My piece in @Telegraph 👇🏾…

RT @Nus_Ghani: China has shown that it has no respect for the Sino-British joint declaration and no respect for human dignity. It’s now time for the UK to make good on our promise and open our arms to Hong Kongers who want to live under freedom and democracy, not tyranny and dictatorship.…