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RT @RachaelWhitti: My Dad is at the end of a long struggle with MND, he cant move,eat or communicate. All that's offered is patch pain relief...just awful! We have to change the law to end this thoughtless and painful suffering.

RT @econbartleby: The answer to this excellent question is going to lie in the productivity numbers. Many people are able to perform their existing roles at home. But what happens when they need to move roles, and can new hires get up to speed without spending time with colleagues?

Nick Boles (Conservative) tweeted :

It would have been quicker, and more honest, just to say: “We won the election, we’ve got the power, so fuck off.”

RT @estwebber: Sorry, I've deleted that tweet because it wasn't the full question and I know these things are important to lawyers. @StigAbell: "Are you comfortable with Brandon Lewis saying the govt is willing to break the law?" Matt Hancock on @TimesRadio: "I am".

RT @BethRigby: ANALYSIS: ‘Brexit detox day’ for Labour as Starmer threw party onto the ‘we’re all leavers now’ bandwagon. His ambition now is to re-cast himself as ‘the competent’ Leaver against a PM that could be taking UK to a no trade deal exit. Fascinating politics…

RT @SkyNewsBreak: The government has announced it is reducing the number of people who can legally gather in England from 30 to six amid a rise in COVID-19 cases, effective from Monday For more on this and other news visit

RT @PhilipHammondUK: 2) The UK is a rule-of-law state, and attempting to legislate domestically to override international law would be an incredibly dangerous step and bound to lead to conflict with the judiciary. It would also hugely damage our standing on the world stage.

RT @itvnews: A former doctor in China tells @emmamurphyitv of participating in at least 500 to 600 operations on the country's minority Uighur women including forced abortions, sterilisations, the removal of wombs and contraception…

RT @BBCPolitics: “He is a misogynist, he has very poor views on LGBTQ rights, I just don’t think this is a man who should be anywhere near our Board of Trade” Conservative MP Caroline Nokes on former Australian PM Tony Abbott working for UK Board of Trade #politicslive

RT @b_judah: I felt for some weeks like I was in a mental “this will all be over by Christmas” phase of the pandemic. Now I feel like I’ve fully given over to a 1915, trenches, no end in sight mode.