All deleted tweets from politicians

Nadine Dorries πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§#StayAlert


Health Minister of State kept busy by #Covid19 Social distancing, Patient safety, suicide prevention and MH. SundayTimes top 10 best selling author. Mum.

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RT @BWCHBoss: Next stop our fab crisis, urgent care and inpatient mental health services. Nothing makes my heart sing more than people who have been on agency contracts for years joining us as substantive team members and witnessing the rapport between our teams and young people was magical.

It’s up to #NHS nurses and doctors working long hours in full PPE though if you infect one of them with #Covid ◽◽‍♀️

RT @jimwaterson: RT @jimwaterson: If you're backing Remain in today's Brexit naval battle, you're represented by this fairly lonely Geldof party boat. https…

RT @jimwaterson: RT @jimwaterson: @flashboy Fair play to her. Wow.

RT @jimwaterson: RT @jimwaterson: This is what Martyn Hett, who was killed in the Manchester attack, did for his mum at the end of last year.…

RT @jimwaterson: RT @jimwaterson: The British public gets the journalism they deserve. How did this happen.

RT ing this old tweet for further information.

RT @MattChorley: RT @MattChorley: I didn’t think it was possible to love Elton John more than I already did

RT @NigelWatson6: RT @NigelWatson6: @JanieSu @Anniehesketh @politicshome @BBCr4today @NadineDorriesMP Church shld clean up 1st: Welby-Wonga speaks with fork…

RT @ClivetheCrane: Something strange is going on... There’s rumours of an all-out-battle among Senior Leaders... Any ideas? Surely @mrpiatczanyn, @MrsMac_LC and @mrsjdormer wouldn’t be getting involved, would they? #NowThatsCranfield #PancakeBattle