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RT @GallowayGrouse: Reconnaissance trip under the guidance of @HelenRymanArts this afternoon to finalise plans for getting some of my cattle out on land that hasn’t been grazed for 40yrs. Black grouse and hen harriers stand to benefit, but it’s a huge challenge - very exciting stuff #galloway

RT @GallowayGrouse: So there I was just minding my own business having a coffee in the truck... This was ten minutes ago and I’m still a little shaky #galloway #pinemarten @pollypullar1

RT @GallowayGrouse: RT @GallowayGrouse: Partridges scratching through straw in the stackyard ◽◽

RT @GallowayGrouse: Curlews, pheasants and the futility of point scoring: Waders are being pulled into stale conflicts where nobody wins - it's time to drop old baggage…

RT @GallowayGrouse: Steaming in the frost - cattle heading up to the top field this morning, followed by the sound of hay on heavy molars.

RT @GallowayGrouse: Our first registrable "pedigree" #riggitgalloway calf was born this morning to the tune of cuckoos and a thousand larks; the culmination of so much work, learning and investment over the last five years. Here's to many more this spring and beyond!

RT @GallowayGrouse: All five of our "upland" curlew nests have now failed this spring - eggs stolen (badger/corbie) The birds will sit again this year and 2nd sittings usually last a bit longer when the grass has risen and helps to hide the eggs. . These birds have not fledged any young in 8+ yrs.

RT @GallowayGrouse: RT @GallowayGrouse: Hot day to be a black bird: looking for some shade in the willows... #blackgame

RT @GallowayGrouse: RT @GallowayGrouse: A clear, ice cold day in Galloway - Happy Christmas to Twitter

RT @GallowayGrouse: Looking north this afternoon - a short eared owl hunting in the middle distance and silence beneath the far-flung croak of ravens