All deleted tweets from politicians

MP dude for Lichfield. My views are my own. Mtn walker & food lover. Don't alway agree with my retweets. #Anglospherist & #EU Outter. On FB too.

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RT @bea_johanssen: @jimmyrayreid @Mike_Fabricant We’re a founding member of NATO. We were there as part of a US-led NATO peacekeeping mission. Combat operations ended in 2014. Those grandstanding yesterday mostly voted for that.

RT @GBNEWS: Tom Harwood: Sir Keir’s beer isn’t the biggest breach of restrictions but it is directly comparable to Number 10 staff in the Downing Street garden with drinks Tom Harwood gives his views on a photo that shows Keir Starmer drinking at an event with colleagues on 30 April 2021.

RT @Outoftweet123: @andy4wm @Mike_Fabricant Can you explain why you are raising Business Rates and Council Tax in #coventry #suttoncoldfield #birmingham to fund Boris Johnson’s luxury high speed train?…

RT @hzeffman: EXCL w/ @oliver_wright: Barry Gardiner’s main adviser when he was shadow international trade secretary had his salary paid by Christine Lee…

RT @jamesrbuk: RT @jamesrbuk: Well, who had Theresa May discussing "Celebrity First Dates" in the #pmqs sweepstake?!

RT @jamesrbuk: I hate this stuff. This is Β£300 per day, per bed. Beds need nurses, they need doctors, they need cleaners, they need electricity, patients need meals, etc. This looks a lot like cost price, not profit. Scoring cheap populist points in times of crisis is deplorable.

RT @William11hudson: RT @William11hudson: @Mike_Fabricant @IDF And he still hasn't deleted his erroneous tweet!

BBC Radio 4 Bulletin leads this morning with a manufactured story of what some MPs have said to the BBC. This is not news reporting an event. This relentless reporting is a coup attempt against the Prime Minister.

RT @EwanLawry: RT @EwanLawry: @Mike_Fabricant @patrick_kidd @thetimes You took him dogging for his birthday? Oh dear...