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Socially liberal MP for #Lichfield. Believes in a global Britain. Loves hill walking, red wine, cosy restaurants & pubs, and The Archers

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RT @EHRC: Parliament should not proceed without provision for remote participation, when many elected representatives cannot attend in person. We urge the Government to agree a revised proposal to ensure Parliament remains an inclusive workplace.

RT @markantro: RT @markantro: In a beautiful irony, the only way to maintain Marx’s grave is to charge to visit: That’ll show the capitalists! https://t.…

RT @markantro: RT @markantro: Behind every remainer is an authoritarian who thinks they know how to live your life better than you do

RT @Imamofpeace: This is very sad, Fireman Sam has been banned in the UK because it β€œlacks inclusivity.” @BenFordham asks, β€œwhat’s wrong with being a boy?”

RT @Cb260Ac: RT @Cb260Ac: @Mike_Fabricant @TippersSimon @Arron_banks I wouldn't fancy her against Ivan Lendl though! Talk about poker face !

RT @Akabilky: RT @Akabilky: @RemaininEU @Nigel_Farage @David_Cameron Nissan investing 240 million even with the risk of Brexit. Doesn't seem to bother th…

BREAKING: #Nissan to close manufacturing plant costing 3,000 jobs. In Barcelona. Models including some under French Renault badge all to be moved to Sunderland. Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida said production in #Europe will be centred at Sunderland #Brexit Dividend.

RT @cuthbert_shaw: RT @cuthbert_shaw: @FrostyBirding @Mike_Fabricant I'm not a bird expert but I would hazard a guess the one on the left is the female.

RT @BanTheBBC: RT @BanTheBBC: @Mike_Fabricant @OffencePolice A solid endorsement comrades! Sure to be a vote winner with middle England.