All deleted tweets from politicians

Socially liberal MP for #Lichfield. Believes in a global Britain. Loves hill walking, red wine, cosy restaurants & pubs, and The Archers - and voted for #Brexit

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RT @jameshinson: @bbclaurak In other news, dog lifts up its leg next to lamppost and does wee.

Bored with #Brexit? Then enjoy a blast from the past with the 1959 General Election results β€œlive”, hosted by Richard Dimbleby and Cliff Michelmore.

Surely this is t the same @jessphillips who claimed on a tv show I was on that she had asked to see PM Theresa May and had had no reply - but then it was revealed she had never asked? When TM invites her to No10, Jess didn’t reply.

In the event of no agreement with the #EU, #HMG have just published the No-Deal Readiness Report. 155 pages summarising 3 years’ work including over 600 items of legislation passed over the last 18 months or so in the event of No Deal.

RT @Dwood___: Again, biggest roadblock is Liberman even entertaining the idea of sharing a platform with Odeh. Permanently - definitely not…

RT @Daniel_Sugarman: The 'multi-tasking' malarkey doesn't make much sense until you realise Jeremy only recently learned how to sit in a…

RT @OiDanniboy: @Mike_Fabricant @HouseofCommons @UKHouseofLords @RoyalFamily Exactly, I think Her Majesty hs earned it many times over #unb…

RT @ZMykz: @Mike_Fabricant Goes up by another 10% after a few beers 🀣

RT @RSpeersBCFC: @MegaSlippers @hmatthews92 @Mike_Fabricant it's only a jack when at sea. Union flag on Land