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Conservative MP for Chelsea & Fulham since 2005. Government Minister 2011-2018 in Treasury, Trade & Dep Chief Whip. Resigned from Govt over Heathrow 3rd runway

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RT @JamesSWParker: The more I hear from @Jeremy_Hunt the more I like him. He is a skilled, capable and compassionate person. It will be a delight to vote for him to become the next Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. #HasToBeHunt #ToryLeadershipContest

RT @DLVLK: Love how thorough @GregHands is: his latest email bulletin details the lockdown regulations (wish my MP did something similar).…

RT @grantshapps: I've just met with the leader of @LBHF to discuss the urgent need to fix Hammersmith Bridge. I’m keen to look at @LBHF’s ideas to fix the bridge but they need to open their books and appreciate that, as the owner, the legal responsibility to fix it rests with them. 1/2

Greg Hands (Conservative) tweeted :

Labour supported previous few of these agreements in the first place!

RT @claireperrymp: Amazing to see UK CO2 emissions at 1888 levels! So much more to do, but the actions we’re taking together are delivering results. #ClimateChange #CleanGrowth

RT @TeamBluePerry: This morning I was on #DailyPolitics live from #Paris at the #OnePlanetSummit where world leaders are working together to tackle #climatechange

RT @CityWestminster: One hundred years ago, the Unknown Warrior was given a full state burial – his procession moving from Victoria station, through packed #Whitehall streets, to be laid to rest in #WestminsterAbbey. Watch the moving story of his journey:… #UnknownWarrior100

RT @charles_fisher: The choice facing Chelsea and Fulham couldn’t be clearer. It’s time to re-elect local champion Greg Hands #RecordOfAction #PromiseOfMore #HasToBeHands…

RT @charles_fisher: Change in Homicide Rate 2018-19: West Midlands ⬇️20% Greater Manchester ⬇️4.4% London ⬆️10% “Other Mayors are getting a grip, but this is Sadiq Khan: the Mayor who can’t.”…

RT @charles_fisher: @TweedColin @GregHands @Tony_Devenish @LdnConservative @ShaunBaileyUK @Bailey2020Press @HFConsCllrs @arbrown_town @team_greenhalgh @Councillorsuzie Here is the TfL data. ALL neighbouring bridges suffering from significant increases in daily traffic volume. Overall journey no’s are down but that ignores increases in congestion, engine idling, and trip distances. Take a walk on Fulham Palace Road to find out.