All deleted tweets from politicians

Conservative Member of Parliament for Flamborough-Glanbrook and Shadow Minister of International Human Rights. Proud to have served our communities since 2006.

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RT @CirielloMonica: RT @CirielloMonica: The official Conservative plan for YOU to get AHEAD. Check it out before you vote: ……

RT @CirielloMonica: RT @CirielloMonica: Thank you to everyone who attended my kick-off campaign brunch event this morning #elxn43

RT @CirielloMonica: Pizza & Politics - A night filled with discussion & hope that #hamiltoncentre will turn blue in October! Thank you to everyone who came to support our event, including my fellow Hamilton Conservative Candidates, @DavidSweetMP & @PeterDyakowski

Last year, I was fortunate to address the HoC about the affects of Scleroderma — a disease I watched my mother suffer from. Over the course of June, a virtual Walk or Run is taking place. To find out how you can help, please visit: #hardwordharddisease

These painful truths must be uncovered and reckoned with fully and completely for true reconciliation and peace.

RT @AlmutSweet: @towhey My husband @DavidSweetMP with @Roman_Baber have been fighting against these Lockdowns and asking for targeted protections for the vulnerable for months! We got the opposite, healthy people being locked down!

RT @DavidSweetMP: @Christina_Mitas My colleagues are are holding the Trudeau Liberals to account for their botched vaccine roll out. How bout you explain to your Premier how much detrimental mental and physical health along with economic damage his Lockdowns are causing Ontarian’s.

RT @MacHealthSci: Many women die in the developing world because they can't get the care they need during pregnancy and childbirth. Read how McMaster University's Jean Chamberlain Froese is working to change this. #maternahealth #BrighterWorld

RT @maryamnayebyazd: On January 1 Rouhani called on the Iranian authorities to not treat the detained protesters like they did in 2009, and he made reference to Kahrizak… He said that the authorities need to learn lessons from 2009 and not allow the same events to reoccur.