All deleted tweets from politicians

Conservative MP for Clwyd West / Aelod Seneddol Ceidwadol dros Orllewin Clwyd. Deputy Chairman of the European Research Group. Retweets do not imply approval.

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With Gareth Probert, Helen Robert and Evie Roberts, #Conservative candidates for Glyn y Marl ward

RT @DavidJonesMP: RT @DavidJonesMP: Nice to take a couple of hours’ break from campaigning to visit lovely #Bodnant

Russia, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, attacked Kyiv yesterday when it was being visited by Antónia Guterres, the Secretary-General. Surely the time has come to eject Russia from the Council. Everything it does undermines security.

Russian newspaper says almost 10,000 of Purim’s troops have been killed in #Ukraine war. Previously, Kremlin had acknowledged only 599 deaths. Putin is inflicting death on his own young people.

Good evening at Mayor Merrill Jones’s charity quiz, raising funds for the Air Ambulance and Glan Clwyd cancer centre. Nice to see so many town councillors there.

RT @yellowflydesign: RT @yellowflydesign: @DavidJonesMP @ConwyCBC Great turnout let’s hope @conwyCBC listen to the people

Mr Speaker and children of the London Welsh school at Westminster Hall #DyddGwŷlDewi

RT @statsjamie: Mark Drakeford will need to share pretty strong evidence Omicron is just as severe as he claimed yesterday to justify his new restrictions What he said is the opposite of all the emerging studies I don't like using the word lie very often but it may be appropriate here 👇👇

I strongly recommended this thread, which lays bare the incoherent, illiberal, possibly illegal nonsense that is the Welsh Govt’s “work from home” policy. Good work by @WillHayCardiff

Big Big will chime again to welcome 2022:…