All deleted tweets from politicians

Conservative MP for Clwyd West / Aelod Seneddol Ceidwadol dros Orllewin Clwyd. Deputy Chairman of the European Research Group. Retweets do not imply approval.

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Pleasing to see so many turn out for the St George’s church, #RhosOnSea, Christmas fair this morning, despite the bracing weather. Sad to see one of the ancient yew trees blown down, however. Goodness knows how many hundreds of storms it had survived over the centuries.

RT @CommonsEU: ⏪Yesterday, we heard from Gibraltar Chief Minister @FabianPicard as we scrutinise UK-EU negotiations on the future operation of #Gibraltar’s border. 📺If you have missed the session, you can watch it here:… #EUScruntiny

@jjjj86 @business_owen @BizCouncilNorth @360_track @AvantiWestCoast @GillandShaw Apparently it’s extraordinary difficult to set up the timetables without considerable notice. I can only rely upon their expertise!

RT @GeoffreyDAdams: RT @GeoffreyDAdams: It was a pleasure to have you here. A lot of useful business done.…

Labour apparently think #Aukus, an alliance with two of our most important allies, is a “threat to world peace”. No mention of the recent missile tests by North Korea. Ernie Bevin would be appalled.

Extraordinary irascibility on the part of a mature EU a member state. If you’re really angry, it’s cooler not to show it.…

RT @CommonsPACAC: We have published the Government's response to our report Covid-Status Certification Read our Report here:… Read the Government Response… here: Read the news story here:…

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RT @DolfinHQ: “The Westminster Government needs to spread prosperity across the whole of the UK not just London,” says @DavidJonesMP. “I know that @BorisJohnson wants to do that.” #GSPBrexitBriefing #DolfinEvents #Brexit

RT @DolfinHQ: “I don’t believe that this country should be in a position where a foreign court has ultimate authority over it ” says @DavidJonesMP #GSPBrexitBriefing #DolfinEvents #Brexit