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RT @DMReporter: JOURNALISM: It’s perfectly possible to oppose Boris Johnson and his politics but still wish him a full recovery. However, for the Mail to suggest Britain is ‘praying and clapping’ for him is propaganda of the most opportunistic kind. And even their readers know it’s bullshit…

Many “garden centres” are more akin to a department store with a large amount of trade in their cafe/restaurant & enforcing social distancing will be difficult but let’s do this & allow them to open on Easter Sunday #COVID2019…

RT @cllrsamwebster: I’ve written to the Chancellor today to raise concerns on behalf of small and medium sized businesses in #Nottingham who may not receive grant funding due to a gap in the Government support scheme as it stands.

RT @DumbartonGer: RT @DumbartonGer: Decent April fool's that ◽

RT @gavinshuker: Tom was my first phone call on 18 February, the day we left the Labour Party. The call rang out; he went to ground. Labour MPs stayed so they could be led out by him. Tom, Labour brutality is real. But you sustained its brutality. I hope you find peace.…

RT @BootstrapCook: I would actually make this into a Guinness stuffing and i would die on this hill #JackMonroesLockdownLarder Now, shoo and I'll see yas tomorrow! I'm actually quite tired from that!! ❤️😝

RT @BootstrapCook: I'm going to put as many of these as possible onto a section on my website called #LockdownLarder - they'll be basic recipe ideas based on what you've sent me over today and what I've come up with (avg time spent thinking about each one = 15 seconds!) Will post the link tomorrow!

RT @devisridhar: Doing analysis today on past 9 weeks of covid response and it makes me feel nauseous how little action was taken early on. Widespread complacency to take covid seriously, early denial by many government, & lack of compassion by govt & advisors on what this means for families.

RT @devisridhar: Feels like gov'ts & advisors have gone in circles talking about what to do when clear path was mass testing, tracing, isolation & distancing to buy time for health service PPE/equipment. Academic navel-gazing & political in-fighting instead of bold, decisive action early on.

RT @devisridhar: Covid-19 spread in the UK and U.S. was entirely predictable, largely preventable & utterly tragic. African countries are learning what not to do from us & learning what to do right from several East Asian countries. We are complacent in the West about infectious diseases.