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MP for Broxtowe and Minister of State for Small Business, Industry and Enterprise. Constituents please email me on

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RT @markaizatt: RT @markaizatt: When we make the right decision and #remain we shall look back @nsoamesmp and credit him for his humour and accuracy https:…

RT @markaizatt: RT @markaizatt: It's people like you @Anna_Soubry that are the true patriots in this debate. #britsdontquit #StrongerIn…

RT @ITVCentral: RT @ITVCentral: Prince Philip's visits to the East Midlands through the years

Explaining why 60% of voters in N Ireland voted Remain. Explaining why #Brexit will cause the break up of the United Kingdom (& SNP will win well on May 6). Explaining why what’s happening now in N Ireland was exacerbated by #BorisJohnson & the lies he told.

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RT @BarristerSecret: Another extract from the DV Guidelines for information. Those interested in this case may want to read in full.…

RT @hendopolis: RT @hendopolis: I: Public service.....private gain #TomorrowsPapersToday

RT @HalimahGKhaled: RT @HalimahGKhaled: Dream doors ! New business opens in Beeston. Congratulations to John and hilary

RT @PackedLunchC4: We are on the longlist for Best Daytime Programme at the #TRICAwards 🎉 Please help us get on the shortlist by voting for us 👇

RT @Simon__Greaves: The Government have just ordered the Union Jack to be flown from all Government buildings all year round. About time. Here in #Bassetlaw we have been proudly flying the Union Jack above our Town Halls in #Worksop and #Retford all year round for the last 9 years. #unionjack