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Criminal Barrister. Trustee Doctors In Distress @DoctorsDistress Former MP, Govt Minister, TV presenter & reporter. Media enquiries to

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What new nonsense is this. “Levelling Up” is a party political slogan which no one can define not least the Conservatives/Government who dreamed it up. Did civil serviants, who are meant to be impartial, agree to this?

RT @paul__johnson: RT @paul__johnson: Us: -1.6m told to self-isolate last week Them: -Johnson, Sunak, Gove, ‘test programme’ not isolation

RT @nat_fahy: RT @nat_fahy: @Anna_Soubry @LincsLive What would you suggest Anna? Do you believe there are refugees roaming the streets of Grantham lookin…

RT @itsjamesbarker: RT @itsjamesbarker: @Stessy24 @Anna_Soubry @leicesterliz @RuthDavidsonMSP Why does opinionated have to be classed as "difficult"?

RT @nathanaelkent: RT @nathanaelkent: @NadineDorries Bit awkward when it was your boss who said it...

RT @EmmaKennedy: I see @borisjohnson is saying the allegation he was writing a book on Shakespeare is utter nonsense. Cursory check of Amazon and lo, what have we here? March 2022. Well now.

RT @Sabre031: Its BLUE MONDAY Doctors In Distress Charity @DoctorsDistress there supporting all Doc's Nurses... Joining in 👏 to all Super Heroes. Hospital based doctors + nurses. Ambulance crews. Air Ambulance crews. Call Handlers and all in support roles. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

RT @jessicaelgot: RT @jessicaelgot: Penny Mordaunt says she thinks PM will find Turkey will join 'a lot sooner' than he said. Ignores that we decide, we have…

RT @jessicaelgot: Many of us who have covered protests know police can decide to let a protest go ahead and let people show their anger and then let the energy dissipate. It is a calculation made all the time. A different one was made tonight. That is going to require a hell of an explanation.

RT @Anna_Soubry: RT @Anna_Soubry: Even the continuity announcer got muted. Most be a serious “outage”.