All deleted tweets from politicians

Wayne Swan is the National President of the ALP and the former Labor Member for Lilley. He is also the former Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer of Australia

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RT @gabriel_zucman: RT @gabriel_zucman: "A thin safety net, an expansive security state: This is the American way," @AnnieLowrey writes:…

RT @deemadigan: RT @deemadigan: Peta Credlin just said labor was walloped at the 2010 election. Weirdly that’s not how I remembered it #EdenMonaroVotes

RT @JonPersley: Absolutely outrageous that @Team_Quirk and @Schrinner continue to spend ratepayers money on blatant political advertising. Another arrived today. Pretty dumb as this is bound to backfire big time is my prediction

Sadly, this behaviour is happening too often

RT @gabriel_zucman: RT @gabriel_zucman: The racial wealth gap in America: 1870 vs. 2016

RT @TheKouk: Something of a pity the RBA was silent on govt debt when it was 60% lower and some galoots were screaming “debt and deficit disaster”

RT @GraemeKellyUSU: Council Workers are frontline workers in the COVID-19 Pandemic Water,Sewer,Road Maintenance,Parks, Rubbish,Tips,Childcare, Aged Care,Libraries,Pools, Lifeguards,Parking, Customer Service Development and our Prime Minister wont support them. Shame on him #auspol #ausunions

RT @GraemeKellyUSU: @EwinHannan @australian as a union leader I can lose my job for failing to notify within 35 days the resignation of a delegate and banks can commit 23 million breaches and cop a fine. you mob of disgusting union haters.

RT @shootin4love: Kerry Chikarovski thinks calling Daniel Andrews 'Chairman Dan' is funny #thedrum. Puerile asinine name calling is the standard practice of the imperious.

RT @unionsaustralia: Tonight 500,000 people in Australia will hear this message from ACTU Secretary @sallymcmanus. Tomorrow, Australian unions enter into discussions with the Morrison Government and employer groups. Learn more: #ausunions #auspol