All deleted tweets from politicians

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@TimHammond1 On a very similar note I was just contemplating if being able to name my future daughter after Stacey Abrams was a good enough reason to reproduce again

To be fair though, they were up against the mighty Adelaide Crows’ big victory!

So has anyone ever let’s say committed to writing a book and then right at the end realised that they actually don’t have any idea how to write a book?! 😳 How would one deal with that? Unfortunately I am not asking for a friend

RT @Bowenchris: The Liberals are spending $600,000 a day on tax payer funded ads. Delaying the election a week means more than $4 million of partisan ads funded by the tax payer. Fitting that they end the term with the same arrogant contempt for the taxpayer that has marked their entire term.

RT @Bowenchris: “ A former Coalition MP for the seat devastated by Clive Palmer's business record has slammed Prime Minister Scott Morrison's preference deal with the "vacuous" mining magnate, & says he is shocked & disgusted Australians are considering voting for him”…

RT @AmandaRishworth: Labor will deliver massive cost of living relief for nearly one million families struggling with the costs of child care and we can pay for it because unlike Scott Morrison and the Liberals, we aren’t giving bigger handouts to the top end of town.…

RT @cokeefe9: Bill Shorten is essentially using the $6b annual saving from removing tax credits on franked dividends and spending it on dental care for seniors and child care subsidies. @9NewsAUS #AusPol

RT @AustralianLabor: Over 70,000 Australians with a disability are missing out on NDIS funding due to the Liberals’ delays, capping of services, or lack of services altogether. They don't deserve this. Labor created the NDIS, and will make sure it’s fully funded. #auspol…

What a star Nadia Clancy has been. All class and gave it an amazing crack in Boothby. I suspect and hope that we will see much more of her

RT @alpsa: Nadia Clancy has this morning called @NicolleFlint to congratulate her on retaining the seat of Boothby. Nadia and her team ran an amazing campaign but will fall just sort despite getting a strong swing. Thank you to everyone who supported our Boothby campaign.