All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @corybernardi: RT @corybernardi: Another R1 KO by @TheNotoriousMMA coming up! #ItsTheVibe @ufc #ufc257

Cory Bernardi (australia) tweeted :

Another R1 KO by @TheNotoriousMMA coming up! #ItsTheVibe

RT @dbongino: RT @dbongino: It’s Monday, November 2nd 2020, and the Obama/Biden administration was the most corrupt in US history. #Obamagate VOTE ACCORD…

RT @dbongino: It would be challenging to find a piece of video more damning than this, when considering the flaming pile of garbage our media has become. Watch the tabloid “journalist” at 60 Minutes casually dismiss Trump’s factual assertions and then pompously claim “we’re 60 Minutes.”…

RT @danawhite: As we roll into 2021, I just wanted to remind everyone there’s ALWAYS a solution to every problem! So, cut through all the bullshit, and don't let these people that don't matter tell you how to live your life.

Cory Bernardi (australia) tweeted :

IMSM has finally caught up to the scandal behind SA #Coronagate . If they'd been paying attention they could have held those responsible to account much, much earlier. Instead they accepted the BS spin at face value. BTW the BS continues.

@janeliz3 Excellent idea. He can be official protection from the Karen's

@makin_paul @marshall_steven and Putin wasn't leader of USSR...might be more like Boris Yeltsin (without the fun)

@expat_2030 You are either among the dumbest people on twitter or a vile troll...maybe both. Actions are what count not what they call themselves. Fools like you embrace identity politics without even knowing what you are saying and to invoke the courage of our WW2 veterans is a disgrace.

@Pamela90210530 Gosh you are so stupid. I never said that. I said it is what someone else said to me. If you lefties weren’t so dumb the works would be a better place.