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Proud Canberran, mother of three, dog lover & Labor Senator for the ACT

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Scott Morrison has delivered: ❌ $1 trillion debt ❌ 942K unemployed ❌ 1.2m underemployed ❌ no plan for wage growth ❌ no plan for aged care ❌ no plan for social housing Australia deserves better. #auspol

Q: Why are there no women on the cabinet committee with responsibility for integrity and ministerial standards? A: Because there aren’t any women in the positions that get a spot on that committee. 🤔Oh right, well that’s ok then. 🤦🏼‍♀️

RT @michaelkoziol: RT @michaelkoziol: "There is no such test": Dr Michael Gannon, @amapresident, shuts down Hanson's call for parents to test their kids for v…

#estimates update: DSS has revised UP the number of people expected to be on unemployment payments in December to 1.8 million. Forecasts predict it will take another 3 years for the number of unemployment recipients to drop to 1 million Australians. #auspol

@SenatorWong kicking off estimates with some forensic questioning re: the Morrison Govt's airport land rort. This week we'll get to the bottom of this Govt's rorts, dodgy deals and money for mates. Watch the proceedings 👉 #auspol

Another day & more job cuts from the Morrison Gov. National Museum to join the NGA, DFAT & CSIRO by having to cut nothing but jobs. After 7 years of Liberal cuts & more than 18,000 jobs already gone from the APS, these latest cuts will hit workplaces hard👉🏻

This is what the ADF found when they entered Epping Gardens where there have been 187 #COVID19 cases and 36 deaths linked to the facility. #auspol

After cutting nearly 18,000 APS jobs, the Govt now spends $5b a year on contractors and consultants. Today the Finance Dept told the #covidcommittee that they haven’t assessed or evaluated the impacts of these changes. #Auspol

We are in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. A million Australians are unemployed. 400,000 more are expected to lose their jobs by Christmas. It's not good enough that the Morrison Government have a plan for jobs. #auspol

Minister Colbeck’s failure in the aged care portfolio is real. A failure to lead, a failure to reform, a failure to prepare, a failure to protect and a failure to plan. But, most of all, it's a failure to properly care for vulnerable Australians who deserved better.