All deleted tweets from politicians

Former Federal Member for Reid and Werriwa. I was elected to Federal Parliament in 1990. Interested in immigration, foreign affairs and job creation.

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RT @weekitmankev: RT @weekitmankev: This man still doing what he does best! ◽

@RepDLesko She was elected in a fair election?

@PeterWMurphy1 @ScottMorrisonMP They obviously haven’t caught up with Trump’s line on who is at fault.


This drongo might need his Rayner beads. So much for compulsory wearing on buses.

@BOConnorMP An appealing individual. She will look back in a decade and question whether her name wasn’t worth more.

@Trixie_Boo To be honest there could have been silence or a more despicable comment.

@EricTrump They might have turned up in the street, but that doesn’t mean they will be jumping to join you in the cell.

@DagDubbo @shaunmicallef This moron will mouth off about constitutions and institutions. Reminds me of a bozo we have out here who says anyone opposed to his wacko theories is’ unpatriotic’.