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Anneliese Dodds (EU) tweeted :

It’s brewing! @UKLabour Women Connected is tomorrow, and the National @Connected event starts on Sunday. Hope to see you (through a screen) there...

Anneliese Dodds (EU) tweeted :

The Chancellor's disastrous one-size-fits-all withdrawal of furlough support is putting over half a million jobs are at risk in seats held by new Tory MPs. Today the 2019 Tory intake had a chance to force the Chancellor into a U-turn before it’s too late. They ignored it.

It’s good the government realises its support for business has been inadequate. But today's proposal would see the vast majority of businesses get just £1,000 for three weeks. That won't even cover the cost of employing one worker on the National Living Wage.

Anneliese Dodds (EU) tweeted :

After months of Labour pressure, the government has finally announced some new support for businesses ordered to close due to Covid-19 restrictions. For most businesses in England, it won’t even pay for one minimum wage worker.

Andrew Lewer MP (EU) tweeted :

Thank you Emer Grant @NNPress Curator and Sam Langley @TS_studios Director for my visit to #24GuildhallRoad yesterday to see the new premises for #NNContemporaryArts Centre. Exciting times ahead!

Andrew Lewer MP (EU) tweeted :

Today I visited @LighthouseNN1 and owner Sunny Kooner to find out how the #EatOutToHelpOut scheme has helped his business. Thank you @rishisunak for a great initiative (And I took advantage of #NationalFishAndChipDay)

Andrew Lewer MP (EU) tweeted :

Today at #PMQs I asked the Prime Minister whether the BBC Licence fee is a sustainable funding mechanism in a world of @NetflixUK and Amazon @PrimeVideo. This is what he said....

RT @Aggerscricket: RT @Aggerscricket: Oh my days. We will never see the like of that again. Unbelievable

RT @Aggerscricket: RT @Aggerscricket: Dear old Parky was part of a great stitch up. Thanks everyone. Lovely memories…

Vicky Ford (EU) retweeted @LucidWhim :

RT @LucidWhim: RT @LucidWhim: Tweeting this because my young daughter is fighting breast cancer. If it gets 1 retweet it might save a life.…