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Anneliese Dodds 💙 (EU) tweeted :

Great to see the Oxford Hindu Temple and Community Centre committee and volunteers at today’s successful ‘On Shanti’ event in Broad Street today.

RT @Rachel_deSouza: Fantastic ⁦@educationgovuk⁩ Holiday activities with food programme in Norfolk Heritage Park - across Sheffield there are 14000 HAF places booked - it’s a brilliant programme!

RT @FraserNelson: William Hague is the latest Tory to say it’s time to embrace a higher-tax, interventionist state. My @telegraph column on the case for defending liberalism (and why it’s needed now more than ever)…

RT @mndcampaigns: Great to see our #United2EndMND campaign in today's @Daily_Express featuring @AberdareNic, @ALewerMBE & @AmmarAlChalabi. In coalition with @MNDScotland & @MNDoddie5 we're asking the Government for £50m over 5 years to establish an #MND research institute

Anneliese Dodds 💙 (EU) tweeted :… This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about companies with links to Johnson’s chums dishing out cash to Tory MPs. Day after day we hear of new cases of Tory sleaze. The Conservatives have to clean up their act and put an end to this grubby cronyism.

Andrew Lewer MP (EU) tweeted :

The Health and Care Bill contains proposals that expand the Nanny State significantly. I explain why:…

Anneliese Dodds 💙 (EU) tweeted :

Great to visit the ‘tiny forest’ set up by @Earthwatch and their local volunteers on Meadow Lane. A really practical way to show how people can take action to protect nature, reduce carbon and become citizen scientists! 🌳 🐝 🌸

Vicky Ford MP (EU) retweeted @JEGullis :

RT @JEGullis: @vickyford @nadhimzahawi @JackieDP @CommonsSTC @Metcalfe_SBET @Conservatives My wife is an early years teacher and I am a secondary school teacher. It amazes me how Labour shout about education as if they are the defenders of it, yet your picture shows the reality. It’s the @Conservatives who have improved standards & provision at all stages of learning.

RT @ThatsTVOxon: Next Thursday nine ladies will be locked away in Oxford Castle including MP @AnnelieseDodds in a jail and bail event to raise funds for @HelenAndDouglas Last September male prisoners raised just over £11,000 - Will the ladies beat them?

RT @ThatsTVOxon: Among those locked up in @OxfordCastle today to raise money for @HelenAndDouglas is local MP @AnnelieseDodds - At last year's event an all male team raise just over £11,000. Will today's all female team beat them?