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RT @RT_sputnik: “From Tom & Jerry to William Shakespeare, one by one our cultural heroes are beginning to be toppled and Sir Winston Churchill? Well he’s almost already gone..” SATURDAY George’s guests are journalist RAMSHA KHAN on Churchill and actor TAMER HASSAN on the work of #MaskOurHeroes

RT @Ramshaofficial: I had the pleasure of conducting my first ever (very nerve wrecking) political interview with my personal hero @georgegalloway for @SputnikInt You can check it out on @RT_sputnik

RT @j00liju: RT @j00liju: George is right , listen to George

RT @j00liju: MOATS on Sunday dont forget if u want some truth amidst all the deception , knowledge is power and they dont want you to have it .

RT @j00liju: @georgegalloway @Wat_the_deuce I read a Japanese article that proposed a leak at fort detrick,it reported an increase in the US of deaths attributed to pneumonia back in 2019 as early as Sept Oct that were actually covid , at the time the FBI were preventing covid tests being used according to some on twitter