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With much being written on government wetness in the Culture wars, today’s @NewCultureForum #NCFCounterCulture discussion with @Furedibyte and @RafHM is timely : what hope for a UK & US conservative pushback ? Watch https :// via @YouTube

RT @IndiaWilloughby: Weird that #LeTissier is fired by Sky for giving his views on Covid19 - but Gary Lineker can chat Brexit, immigration, BLM etc on the BBC with impunity.…

RT @IndiaWilloughby: RT @IndiaWilloughby: You know something is good and right when Tony #Blair opposes it. Fact of life.

RT @IndiaWilloughby: Know I’m asking for trouble, but am I right in thinking Zoe’s pay-rise is literally for being a woman? Note already mentioning lack of BAME £1m earners. Next year’s project for HR #CottageIndustry…

RT @IndiaWilloughby: @andyjj00 @naomiCrussell @AlbertRamsbott1 @georgegalloway Lot of taxpayer cash for a radio host and presenter of a support show to Strictly. Not her fault - but BBC, read the room.