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These observations of Twitter behavior from politicians where made in the period from 21 August 2020 20:00 untill 19 September 2020 20:00

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RT @pawpatrolrules: @Shen2308 @georgegalloway I am going with my old man. Agree with gorgeous George on all things except Scottish independence, but if there is anyone to persuade it is him.

RT @I_Am_Wat_Tyler: @georgecdragon I can honestly say I disagree with probably 3/4 of everything @georgegalloway says....however I respect his integrity and honesty, he has principal. Unlike the majority of the current PLP who seem more interested in virtue signalling than standing up for the working classes

RT @DaveTheBrief: RT @DaveTheBrief: This #Stoke by-election analysis is spot on from @georgegalloway. #UKIP are a steal if you can still get 2/1…

RT @DaveTheBrief: RT @DaveTheBrief: Just got round to watching the Killing$ of Tony Blair (@TheBlairDoc). A must watch. I feel anger & sadness. Credit to @ge…

RT @DaveTheBrief: It amazes me how many in the Blairite/Remain faction of the Labour Party don’t understand why this is so...… #Chequers