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RT @Chrystaroth: @RichardBurgon @georgegalloway Starmer sponsors want that, too. Hence Starmer, like Blair, being fast to push for an Exit Strategy. Starmer's letter, for all its talk of PPE, is a Trojan to push for Exit Strategy. The last thing he mentions in it! It's about vested financial interests ('economy') over lives!

RT @kal_em1: I love that the Democrats plan is to ignore Joe Biden's cognitive issues and expect no one to notice or care in a general election. From the geniuses who brought you Russiagate!

RT @kal_em1: @georgegalloway @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden If they cheat Bernie, I would take pleasure in watching the meltdown of the pundits and centrists who spent 2 years convincing people that Joe Biden was "electable" when he gets crushed!

RT @kal_em1: Wow look at that, Trump will be able to campaign against a completely corrupt candidate if it's Bloomberg for a second time. Wonder how that will go?