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These observations of Twitter behavior from politicians where made in the period from 21 December 2020 20:00 untill 19 January 2021 20:00

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RT @TanDhesi: Over 100 MPs signed cross-party letter to PM about our anxieties for India #FarmersProtest. But it’s alarming to now hear reports of intimidation and harassment by authorities there, who’ve started issuing notices to peaceful protesters, union leaders and human rights activists.

RT @wesstreeting: We don’t call for resignations lightly, but the level of failure and incompetence we’ve seen from Gavin Williamson is of a magnitude that cannot be justified or excused. If the Prime Minister had any judgement he’d sack him. If Gavin Williamson had any shame he’d resign.

RT @BerlinFarewell: @Planet_Pedro @PaulJSweeney @scottishlabour Fortune favours the bold. Offering a properly different and fresh solution (A Federal New Deal) is the only way beyond the culture war (s).

RT @tristanpc: RT @tristanpc: @Mike_Fabricant Elizabeth I called Drake "my pyrate". As long as Spanish ships were the prey, the name was a badge of honour.

I am aware that there has been a problem with the NHS telephone booking line to book Covid vaccinations for the Covic Hall hub.…