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RT @GedRobinson: Very worrying that there's only 12 Conservative MPs that believe in Parliamentary Sovereignty. Thank you Dominic…

RT @elgordo1: @susanelanjones @ClwydSouthLab Wish I was still living in Cefn so I could help! Good luck Susan x

RT @elgordo1: @justinmadders just like they didn't estimate how many solar jobs would be lost before they cut feed in tariff. No of jobs lo…

Mark Tami (Labour) retweeted @elgordo1 :

RT @elgordo1: Fantastic result for my home part of the world. A strong Labour area that understands how to sustain a successful l…

RT @elgordo1: @redheadloz @TheStevenThomas @SharonHodgsonMP I've canvassed voters in Wrexham and Staffs, and Corbyn has not cut through wit…