All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @PaulBrandITV: NEW: @jrf_uk has calculated that a low-income family of four will lose £31 a week due to benefit cuts, National Insurance hike and the rising cost of energy and other staples. That equates to £710 per year - equal to the entire clothing budget for a low income family.

@LabourPark Food, a drink, & lots of fun is included in the price!! Under 16s free. Outdoor event unless very bad weather.

RT @AndyMcDonaldMP: The Tories' slashing of UC is utterly disgraceful. They're punishing the very people who got us through the pandemic, who'll now have to choose between heating & eating. It's time those with the broadest shoulders paid their fair share & we had a New Deal for Working People.

Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

I know how the odds are stacked. They're stacked against kids growing up from backgrounds like mine. Labour's #TenByTen ambition is for all kids to take part in extracurricular activities by ten. It's time to end the Tories' poverty of ambition for working class kids.

Thelma Walker (UKMPs) retweeted @FAC51NIP :

RT @FAC51NIP: Just read the Northern Independence Party manifesto. it is 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Should be published soon. Vote @Thelma_DWalker for Hartlepool. Vote @freenorthnow #freethenorth

RT @labourlewis: It looks like the authoritarian currents in our wider democracy are now percolating into @UKLabour itself. Shrinking the selectorate and handing power from the ‘many to the few’ is not how you fight authoritarianism. Actions speak louder than words. I support #OMOV

RT @TanDhesi: Sadly, some within our country think it’s acceptable to discriminate against minorities. I’m proud that every day I can ensure forgotten voices are heard.…

RT @TanDhesi: Absolute pleasure to speak to my friends at @CAFOD, whose hard work and dedication are an example for us all. Spoke on important issues, from the #ClimateCrisis, Covid crisis, Government cuts to aid, to unacceptable debt levels for poorer nations - thank you for inviting me.

Absolutely no surprises here. This is almost “not news”. Biden is a left wing protectionist. US will still be UK’s largest trade and investment partner. TTTCP is more important. ‘President sinks hopes of quick trade deal with US’…

RT @LabourMercedes: Every single Green MSP just voted down an amendment to introduce a publicly-owned, not-for-profit energy company, despite calling for this just 3 months ago. Is this the price of a Ministerial role? Watch Lorna Slater fail to justify this decision 👇