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Rosie Duffield MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Woman left disabled after sexual assault refused benefits…

RT @stcathgorseinon: Join us on 3 March for Lunch & Pancakes! The lunch is a bring-and-share, so bring a plate of your favourite food to sh…

RT @stcathgorseinon: +++ Please share +++ We're celebrating Pancake Day in style this year! Why not come and join us? Pancakes, delicious…

RT @SheRa_Marley: Dumping dead fish was banned by EU after long fought British led campaign. British. UK. We wanted that ban. Farage and R…

Now positively salivating at the idea of the independent group merging with Lib Dem’s. I have a sense of where this is all going. Many never really accepted @theSNP status as third party. This may hasten the need for us to question our role at Westminster