All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @ChrisVobe1: This is very positive news. Three excellent, dedicated and competent NEC candidates in @paulasherriff, @LizMcInnes60 and @TheresaEurope.

RT @ChrisVobe1: A really interesting and passionate discussion tonight with members of #Warrington North CLP and @TribuneMPs @TheresaEurope @LizMcInnes60 and @paulasherriff ahead of the @UKLabour NEC elections. Thanks so much for coming and for engaging with our members - you’re always welcome!

RT @ChrisVobe1: RT @ChrisVobe1: @EmmaLewellBuck An MP of enormous integrity. And her constituents know it.

RT @ChrisVobe1: Delighted that #Warrington North CLP has nominated the following candidates for @UKLabour NEC: @lukeakehurst @JohannaBaxter @gsjosan @MichaelPayneUK @TerryPaul_NEC @ShamaTatler @TheresaEurope @LizMcInnes60 @paulasherriff We wish all of you the very best of luck!

@paulwrblanchard It says a lot that so many of my followers get that joke..

RT @ScottJFletcher: RT @ScottJFletcher: β€œ@SteveBakerMP: New post: The CPS demonstrates smaller government is better for society…” >& ...

RT @ScottJFletcher: RT @ScottJFletcher: @TransitionPlus @chukaumunna bed at 3 up at that working hard enough ?

RT @ScottJFletcher: RT @ScottJFletcher: @ChukaUmunna still here with two of my senior managers, it's 1:23am wonder where the politicians are ?

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @DougGay :

@DougGay You mean the equal pay dispute that was between trade unions and the Council as a corporate body? The original WBPR pay scheme that all parties agreed? The dispute that the SNP administration continued to contest as GCC could only legally settle after the Court of Session ruling?

RT @MartynDaySNP: This is an economically challenging time owing to the impact of #COVID19 and #Brexit. In today's video, @theSNP's Falkirk East candidate @MichelleThomson further addresses small business and shows how tracking what's happening within wider payroll data can provide fresh insights.