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UK members of parliament

Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Andrew Percy (UKMPs) : Delighted that @DonRailCollege bid was successful. Like many MPs I wrote to the Secretary for State supporting Doncaster bid
Kris Hopkins (UKMPs) : I'm on level 3, sat reading at the mo if you want to pop up sometime in the next 30 mins.
Andrew Gwynne MP (UKMPs) : RT @labourpress: As Jeremy Hunt talks about NHS cancer services remember this... #ForTheFew http://t.co/4zWQAguYyy
Nick de Bois MP (UKMPs) : RT @ToluTWilliams: I don't agree with everything @nickdebois says and does but he's done a LOT more for Enfield than Joan Ryan ever did.
Mark Hunter MP (UKMPs) : Very positive meeting with Stockport's Chief Police Officer Caroline Ball. Raised many residnets comments and concerns with @gmpolice
margot james (UKMPs) : With @ruth_hunt CEO in the hall #CPC14 looking forward to hearing @NickyMorgan01 at 2.45pm
Justine Greening (UKMPs) : RT @CityYearUK: An absolute pleasure to host @JustineGreening for a school visit @CityYearUK's Birmingham partner school Holte today #myyea…
David Lammy (UKMPs) : Read this, the day after Osborne announces another cut to Housing Benefit. Exactly why London needs a Labout govt. theguardian.com/housing-networ…
Andrew Griffiths MP (UKMPs) : RT @George_Osborne: We've seen record falls in youth unemployment. But still too high. So we're creating 3m apprenticeships, investing in y…
john spellar (UKMPs) : Boris calls on Farage to rejoinTories to unite the "great Conservative family" theguardian.com/politics/2014/…