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UK members of parliament

Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Helen Goodman (UKMPs) : My view of implications of #indyref for the Regions of England and esp the North @BBCPolitics.
Andrew Percy (UKMPs) : A NO vote is not a vote for no change. That includes England. Time for an English Parliament now.
Andrew Percy (UKMPs) : A No vote victory does not mean no change. That includes England. Time for an English Parliament.
Andrew Gwynne MP (UKMPs) : RT @rorybremner: BREAKING NEWS: Sunderland South Count Declared. Votes Cast. Yes 0. No 0. Westminster HOLD.
Andrew Percy (UKMPs) : RT @L_Bremner: scottish dad, english mum, scottish husband, british children #bettertogether
Andrew Percy (UKMPs) : Staying up to watch the indyref results. Want to know if the country I love will still exist tomorrow.
Iain Wright (UKMPs) : RT @NENewsAnna: 9 year old Caitlyn Smaile is currently missing from her home in #Hartlepool - last seen at 4.15pm http://t.co/jB4T2HhK1h #C…
Gavin Barwell MP (UKMPs) : @CroydonSean Let me give you an example of the damage well-intentioned regulation can do. Have a case at the moment 3 fr
John Woodcock (UKMPs) : It seems very very tight out here. But we did just speak to a former definite Yes turned to know by @OfficeGSBrown speech yesterday #indyref